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CLOUD Men's premium cotton short sleeve t shirt

$50.00 USD$60.00 USD
Experience the epitome of comfort and durability with CLOUD Men premium cotton short sleeve t shirt, crafted from heavy-weight single knit jersey and reinforced with Rip stop Nylon.

The CLOUD Men's premium cotton short sleeve t-shirt is the epitome of high-end fashion meets functionality. The heavy-weight single knit jersey construction ensures durability and longevity, while the Rip stop Nylon elements offer a unique and captivating look that sets it apart from traditional tees. This shirt embodies strength, quality, and style all in one. Designed with precision, every stitch has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum comfort without sacrificing any element of its rugged masculinity. It’s an essential piece for those looking to elevate their wardrobe beyond standard casual wear without compromising on quality or style

  • The CLOUD Men's premium cotton short sleeve shirt is made from heavy weight, single knit jersey for exceptional durability and comfort
  • Constructed with rip stop nylon fabric, this shirt offers superior resistance against wear and tear to withstand the rigors of every day wear
  • Whether you're heading out on a casual weekend or dressing up for an evening event
  • With its premium quality materials and attention to detail in construction, this shirt is sure to become a staple piece in any man's wardrobe that will last season after season

  • Men's premium heavy weight single knit jersey short sleeve tee
    Heavy weight(230g) jersey with Ripstop&Nylon mixed pocket
    Chest double layer pocket with different fabric.
    Backside unique center tuck gives you stylish looking
    100% Cotton
    Model 5'10''. Wears Medium Top & 32 Bottom
    Love to Kleep / Love Yourself
    Designed by KLEEP

    CLOUD Men's premium cotton short sleeve t shirt

    $50.00 USD$60.00 USD